Victoria and David Beckham aren’t the only celebrities with real-estate woes: Britney Spears is having trouble selling her Malibu mansion.
Spears, 25, put the seven-bedroom, 1.53-acre estate on the market on Jan. 18 for $13.5 million. On March 28, the price dropped to $11.9 million, and it is still available at that price, real estate sources confirm to PEOPLE.
Spears bought the 9,000-sq.-ft home in October 2004, shortly after marrying Kevin Federline. The property, for which the singer reportedly paid $6.9 million, also includes a garden, pool with spa, tennis court and gym.
But the house, which is in the exclusive gated Serra Retreat area where such stars as Mel Gibson live, may have priced itself out of the market for the moment, according to Kurt Rappaport, president of Westside Real Estate Agency. read more
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Take Hugh Hefner out of the running.
“I can make clear at this time,” he says, “that I am not the father of the child.”
The Playboy magnate enjoys his laugh about the paternity uncertainties still swirling around Anna Nicole Smith, but his feelings about the former Playmate turned pop icon are no joke. In serious fashion, his bunny empire will offer three upcoming Smith tributes: a 10-page pictorial in the magazine’s May issue, an hourlong retrospective on Playboy TV and an online memorial on Playboy.com.
Smith, who first appeared on the magazine’s cover in March 1992 and was named Playmate of the Year in 1993, was 39 when she died of an accidental drug overdose in February.
So what was it about the buxom blonde Texan that Hefner found so alluring? read more
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The founder of the “Girls Gone Wild” videos defied a federal judge Thursday, calling him a “judge gone wild” and refusing to surrender to U.S. marshals on a contempt citation.
U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak ordered Joe Francis into custody after settlement negotiations soured in a lawsuit brought by seven women who were minors when Francis’ company filmed them on Panama City Beach.
The 34-year-old Francis, who makes an estimated $29 million a year through the videos of girls exposing their breasts, drew the contempt order Wednesday after lawyers for the women said Francis threatened them during negotiations. read more

Rachael Ray made sure that the students who lost eight classmates and their school in a tornado got a senior prom, her publicist confirmed Thursday.
The celebrity chef planned the menu and helped prepare dinner at Enterprise High School’s prom, according to a statement from Ray’s publicist, Georgianna Dente. The star of the syndicated “The Rachael Ray Show” paid for the dance and filmed it for an episode to air this month.
“The students of Enterprise High are so courageous, given all that they’ve gone through,” Ray said in the statement. “When I heard about what happened to their school and classmates, we wanted to help.
“The prom was all about celebrating their accomplishments and honoring the classmates who tragically lost their lives,” she said. read more
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The end of the world is near. Well, at least one would think that if they heard that a big company got ticked off because one of their product was used without permission in a film. A company not wanting free advertising — isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse? Okay, maybe an exception would be made if it was some truly despicable person or scenario that would completely tarnish the image of the product. But it’s not. It’s Jesus! Oh, yes, Jesus drinks a can of Coke in the desert in a new Italian film, and Coca Cola has taken legal action against the producers.
The feature, Seven Kilometers from Jerusalem, is about a Milanese ad exec who is having a midlife crisis. He makes a pilgrimmage to the Holy Land and ends up running into Jesus. He gives him a ride in his Jeep, and then offers the son of God a Coke. read more
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Some asshat in London has re-fueled the whole violence-in-media debate after indulging in his own murderous impulses. A rabid fiend of horror movies, especially the A Nightmare on Elm Street series, Jason Moore took a home-made Krueger knife glove and attacked his sleeping friend, slashing him in the face, neck and hands. The friend survived, but Moore has received life in prison for his crime. An investigator of the attack stated: “It is obvious these films influence the way people act. It gives us some concern, and unfortunately we have to pick up the pieces afterwards.” Seeing that the guy was obsessed not only with horror movies, but with serial killers, there’s many ways he could have acted out his quest for power, many of which could be much more heinous than anything he’d pick up from Wes Craven’s horror creations.read more
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No peeking. The U.S. publisher of the new Harry Potter novel has strict rules for libraries handling the book this summer.
Among them: Libraries must limit the number of employees who handle the books before the July 21 release and provide names and contact information for each branch manager, according to the contract from Scholastic Inc.
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is the final book in J.K. Rowling’s popular series about the boy wizard.
Davis County Library Director Pete Giacoma got a contract March 28 and shared it with county commissioners. “I think we better ratify,” Commissioner Bret Millburn said. “I think we’d get a spell cast on us.” read more
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